Sophia Yancopoulos

The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
North Shore-LIJ Health System
350 Community Dr.
Manhasset, NY 11030
phone: (516) 562-3418


B.A., M.S.
Barnard College, Columbia University, Physics, 1981 
Columbia University School of Engineering, Geophysics, 1981
Thesis: Reading a buried underwater tombstone with seismic waves
Columbia University, Physics: May 1996 
Thesis Topic: Neutron Stars in Binaries and in Isolation.
Thesis Advisor: Prof. David Helfand



Evolutionary Model of Genome Rearrangements
Collaborations with Richard Friedberg (Columbia Physics) and Oliver Attie (NYU)
Search for secreted proteins in the genome (collaboration with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals)

Post Doc in bioinformatics at University of Pennsylvania's Center for Bioinformatics, Philadelphia, PA. Worked on the detection of signal peptides in the genome.


Biophysics of Transmembrane Proteins
Postdoc at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY, NY
studying the role of internal waters on the structure and function of transmembrane proteins in particular the GPCR TRH-receptor, bacteriorhodopsin and rhodopsin.
Development of Novel Neural Network Model of the Brain
Worked with Prof. Richard Friedberg (Columbia University) on building a dynamically responsive brain model that can modify its functional architecture vis a vis an intrinsic means of altering the effective connections between neurons. The model is based on ternary connections between neurons.
Morphology of the giant branch in globular clusters
Analysis of HST and groundbased data. Post doc with Charles Bailyn,  at Yale University
Search for Isolated Old Neutrons Stars
Designed and performed an automated systematic search through all soft X-ray events recorded during the Einstein mission to identify candidate isolated old neutron stars. Project provided an upper limit on density of isolated neutron stars in the solar neighborhood and posed possible candidates.
Detection of X-rays from a nearby Pulsar:
Observed PSR1929+10 for 40 ks with the ROSAT Observatory and detected X-ray pulsations at the known radio period. The detection of apparently thermal emission from this nearby pulsar constrains models of the geometry of rotating hot spots.
Astrophysics of Accretion:
Theoretical models and computer simulations of accretion disks around low mass X-ray binaries. Monte-Carlo simulations of Compton scattered X-rays through time dependent and independent, spherical and toroidal disk geometries performed to model the Normal Branch of Low Mass X-ray binaries.
Mathematical Physics:
Analytical result for the Green Function in electroastatics obtained for a Kirchoff Network on a random 2-D lattice.
Experimental Particle Physics:
Research Assistant on neutrino oscillations experiment at Fermi National Lab. Batavia, Illinois.
Acoustic Modelling:
Experimental and computational modelling of acoustic waves


Spring '03
Manhattan College (Full Time)
Physics with algebra, Physics with calculus, "Great Ideas in Physics", Physics for Student Teachers

Manhattan College Graduate Program in Biotechnology

Bronx High School of Science
Taught regular and Honor's 9th grade Regents Biology 

Brooklyn Technical High School
Regent's Chemistry and senior level Environmental Science

School of the Metamorphosis
Taught 6th grade General Science,7th grade Life Science,
8th grade Earth Science, 9th grade Regents Biology
and 8th grade Math
Vassar College:
Introductory Astronomy, Special Topics in Astronomy
Barnard College:
Introductory Astronomy for undergraduates.
College of Staten Island, CUNY:
Introductory Astronomy for undergraduates.
Steven's Institute of Technology:
Introductory Graduate Level Astronomy.
Barnard College:
Introductory Physics for undergraduates. Lab and Lecture


Extensive experience in FORTRAN and C programming for Monte Carlo Simulations, Numerical Data Analysis and Image Processing. Developed scientific programs under UNIX and VAX/VMS operating systems. Familiar with Protein and Gene databases, standard online bioinformatics tools and algorithms, HTML, Java, Oracle, MacVector and CHARMM. 


             Concepts in Action      Physical Science- Concepts in Action.  Publisher: Prentice Hall. Edition: 2005 
Michael Wysession, David Frank and Sophia Yancopoulos.


1. Yancopoulos S, Friedberg S: Sorting Genomes with Insertions, Deletions and Duplications by DCJ. RECOMB-CG 2008: 170-183

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4. Damle N, Temburni S, Calissano C, Yancopoulos S, Banapur T, Sison C, Allen SL, Rai KR, Chiorazzi N. CD38 expression labels an activated subset within chronic lymphocytic leukemia clones enriched in proliferating B cells. Blood. 2007 August epub

5. Yan XJ, Albesiano E, Zanesi N, Yancopoulos S, Sawyer A, Romano E, Petlickovski A, Efremov DG, Croce CM, Chiorazzi N.  B cell receptors in TCL1 transgenic mice resemble those of aggressive, treatment-resistant human chronic lymphocytic leukemia.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006  Aug 1;103(31):11713-8.
6. Yancopoulos S, Attie O, Friedberg R.  Efficient sorting of genomic permutations by translocation, inversion and block interchange. Bioinformatics. 2005 Aug 15;21(16):3340-6.

Contributed Book Chapters
                     Friedberg R, Darling AE, Yancopoulos S. Genome rearrangement by the double cut and join operation. Methods Mol Biol. 2008;452:385-416. Review.
          In Press

Yancopoulos S,  Friedberg R. DCJ path formulation for genome transformations which include insertions, deletions and duplications, accepted Journal of                           Computational Biology. 2009

Manuscripts in Preparation                                                                 

      Yancopoulos, S., Mezei, M., Osman, O., The Bacteriorhodopsin Bucket Brigade: 
      Internal Waters and the Mechanism of a Photon Powered Proton Pump

      Yancopoulos, S., Mezei, M., Osman, O., The Internal Waters of Rhodopsin

Journal articles in physics and astronomy

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Dr. Allan Blaer , Dept of Physics, Columbia University
(212) 854-3262;

Dr. Nicholas Chiorazzi, Center for Experimental Immunology, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
(516) 562-1090; 

Dr. Richard Friedberg, Department of Physics, Columbia University 
(212) 854-3341; 

Dr. David Helfand, Department of Astronomy, Columbia University
(212) 854-2150;

Dr. Mihaly Mezei, Dept of Physiology and Biophys, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
(212) 241-2186;